Helpful Hints and Other Odd Facts

My first tip is an essential for any good reader and that is to make sure that you have a library card. It isn't necessary to buy every book that you want to read, the library is a great option. Some libraries only issue cards to people 12 and up, if you fit into this category check your local library's policy either onsite or online. Depending on the library, will vary the amount of books, and the age of the books that you can check out. If you are currently in school you can also check out books from your school library. One advantage of checking books out from school libraries (elementary to high school) is that they usually are more lenient in terms of fines for overdue books rather than the typical 25 cents a day of a public library. Public Libraries will usually let you check out more books than a school library and have a wider selection. Try to only check out as many books as you can read in the time before your books are due and stagger your check outs.

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